responsabilita sociale

Novavision for Social Initiatives

At the heart of our success is our strong ‘Group’ identity: the group is what multiplies our competences, completes our research and makes our technologies state-of-the-art.


It is when several people share the same goal that a group is born, in the firm belief that no individual can ever be as strong as the team: these are our core values, on which we found all our activities  within and without the company. 

The aim of the group is not only to win or achieve a result: for the group, what matters above anything else is the group itself, the synergy existing among its parts, the shared work that leads the team to the target. Needless to say, you don’t have to be a leading company in the biotech sector to benefit from this philosophy. 

We act as a group every single day, in our labs, in our offices, when we collaborate with Universities or Doctors around the world on our research projects, and we are the same Group when we choose a nursery school near the company premises, supporting our employees in their parenting role, promoting smart working or designing a Relax Design Center area. 

It is the strength of the group itself that has led us to open a gym inside the company, as we firmly believe that our employees’ physical and mental health is also guaranteed by regular exercise. 

The group and the collaboration between its parts is what characterises NV, but also what the company wishes to convey to the outside world, to the society and, above all, to the young generations. Every year we open the doors of our HQ to secondary school students in their last year, because we consider it of vital importance to strengthen the school/work relationship, which is an invaluable asset for the students who are about to enter the job market. 

In order to convey the same message to younger people, we sponsor small sports clubs, which have a winning philosophy precisely because not only do they train the body and mind, but they also train the young to collaboration, sharing and teamwork: a forward knows very well that his goals alone will not make a perfect match, but a good defence and a well-balanced teamwork will be fundamental as well. Novavision Group does not support these clubs due to their victories or their success on the playing field, but for their deeper values, for their ‘acting as a team’ as a life objective. 

‘Group’ is what we do, what we pass on to younger generations, what we send out to the society – ‘group’ is what we are. 

Teams that we support
“Be a team” as a life's goal
ASD pallavolo arosio
The ASD PALLAVOLO AROSIO is a company that in 2017 celebrated 35 years activity, regularly affiliated with the Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV) and the National Olympic Committee (CONI) with over one hundred registered athletes.
ASD Cogliatese
The ASD Cogliatese, is a sports and educational project closely linked to the activities of the Cardinal Minoretti Oratory, which for over sixty years has formed several generations of young people from Cogliate and beyond. united by a passion for football.