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Novavision Group uses its efficient distribution network to export its electro-medical equipment to over 25 countries worldwide and is currently the exclusive owner of 35 technologies.

Environmental sustainability

We are committed to finding creative solutions that make it possible to develop sustainable values by contributing, at the same time, to raising awareness on environmental issues among our employees. All of Novavision Group’s plants are powered by alternative energy sources, and the devices are manufactured using renewable or recycled materials.

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Novavision values welfare within the company, that is viewed as a benefit for both employees and the company as a whole. Services available include an agreement with a nursery school near our offices, the opportunity to use the car wash service and the recently-introduced laundry and ironing service. The company also offers the opportunity to work on flexible, smart-working contracts, as well as areas for relaxation and fitness, and carries out a social programme for its staff.
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Novavision for social initiatives

It is when several people share the same goal that a group is born, in the firm belief that no individual can ever be as strong as the team: these are our core values, on which we found all our activities within and without the company.
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