Novacert Project

Novavision Group SpA has decided to protect itself by protecting its clients in everything under the Novavision Group brand.

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A group at the head of three business units, with over 50 distributors worldwide, is concentrated in Europe and Asia.


It designs and implements NOVACERT, an authentication system to protect the B2B and B2C markets and the Group itself. Each device will be provided with an identification tag based on NFC technology, through which the user can access an information page certifying the product’s authenticity, origin, and state of maintenance.


Over 12 months, between 2019 and 2020, the Group will make all the devices under production, all the additional components, consumables, certifications and official communication traceable.


On each device the user will find a symbol like the one below, a tag for paper documents. By simply bringing the mobile device near the brand, the user will be taken to an info page with all the specifications concerning the product or the communication.


The world of counterfeiting is growing by the day, including in medicine and beauty, not only for patented technologies, but also for additional components such as device accessories. The Group has therefore decided to protect its direct purchasers like the end users – not only against counterfeiting, but also against poor device maintenance. The NOVACERT system will make it possible to go through the product’s maintenance history, reassuring the end user that the professional is using a fully compliant device for their treatments.

What does the symbol represent?

Transparency between the Group and its clients

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